7 Tips to Get Your Deck Ready for Summer

As the snow melts and the sun begins to grace the beautiful Colorado landscape with its warm embrace, it’s time to focus on your outdoor spaces. The professionals at Bigfoot Decks in Colorado Springs understand the importance of preparing your deck so that you can enjoy the beauty of the summer season.

In this article, we’ll explain the top 7 tips to help you ensure that your patios and other outdoor living spaces are primed and ready for the upcoming season.

Top 7 Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space

Preparing your outdoor deck for the summer season takes some effort, but it’s worth it:

Inspect for Damage

Start by inspecting your deck for signs of wear and tear such as loose/damaged boards, splintering wood, protruding nails, and more. By addressing these issues early, you can prevent accidents as well as prolong the life of your deck. If your deck is damaged beyond repair, you may want to consider deck replacement.

Clean Thoroughly

Winter can leave behind dirt and debris, as well as mold and mildew on the surface of your deck. Start by sweeping away any loose dirt and debris. Then, use a power washer or deck cleaner to remove any stubborn stains or buildup.

Repair and Replace

Once your deck is clean, it’s a good idea to address any repairs. Damaged or rotten boards should be replaced, loose screws or bolts should be tightened, and protruding nails should be hammered down to ensure that the surface is safe and smooth for your summer events.

Protect and Seal

Consider applying a fresh coat of sealant or stain to protect your deck from the elements and prolong its lifespan. This will not only improve the appearance of your deck but will protect it against moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors. You may also want to consider protecting your investment with custom deck coverings from Bigfoot Decks in Colorado Springs.

Enhance with Accessories

Elevate your outdoor spaces by adding accessories to improve functionality and aesthetic appeal. Consider investing in comfortable outdoor furniture, potted plants, an umbrella, or decorative lighting to create an inviting atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing in your outdoor living space.

Safety First

Before you begin to use your deck for your summer events, take time to ensure that it’s safe. Ensure the stability and security of your railings and stairs, and that there are no tripping hazards such as cords or loose rugs. If you have pets and/or children, consider installing safety gates or barriers to avoid accidents.

Regular Maintenance

Once your outdoor living space is ready for summer, don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance throughout the season. Sweep away debris and clean up spills promptly, as well as inspect for signs of damage or wear/tear. Investing in regular upkeep will preserve the beauty and integrity of your deck for years to come.

Let Bigfoot Decks Help Protect Your Investment

The professionals at Bigfoot Decks in Colorado Springs believe that it’s important to protect your investment. Your outdoor spaces and patios have the potential to become a sanctuary for relaxation, connection, and enjoyment of the stunning natural beauty of the Colorado landscape.

These simple steps can help you ensure that your deck is ready to elevate your summer experience. Let Bigfoot Decks be your partner in creating the perfect outdoor living space for unforgettable summer memories. When you partner with us, you get expert assessment and consultation, professional repairs and maintenance services, and so much more.

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