Deck Cover Options

When designing your outdoor living space, it’s a good idea to include elements with a practical purpose and those that enhance the structure’s design. After all, the better the design of your deck, the more likely your guests will want to take advantage of it. However, no matter how nice your deck might be, when it gets too hot, people will run for cover.

The pros at Bigfoot Decks & More in Colorado Springs offer a variety of deck coverings to choose from. A pergola or pavilion over your deck will prolong your use of your custom deck.

How to Choose a Deck Cover

When considering the various deck coverings, you’ll want to think about the existing structure of your deck. You want railings, posts, and coverings to resemble the architecture of the home and other structural elements of the property. In addition, it should complement the style and exterior materials used on the home.

Common Deck Covering Options

There are several options to choose from when considering deck coverings:


An arbor includes 2 to 4 posts with an open, slatted roof. It is smaller than a gazebo or pergola. Lattices can be placed, or vines can grow over the top to create an enclosed effect.


A pergola has 4 or more posts/columns that support a roof that is typically flat. The roof may have beams in only one direction or may have cross beams or slats. The roof may be left open or covered in vines or outdoor fabric.

Attached overhead

An attached overhead covering can be added to an existing deck or done at the same time as the new deck is built. This type of deck covering attaches to the house, with a roof supported by sturdy posts/columns on the perimeter of the deck.


gazebo is more like a room than other options for deck coverings. It may be any shape that you like and typically has posts at each corner. The sides may be enclosed with lattice-work, walls, or vines or can be left open.

Roof extension

In some cases, a roof extension is an option when other types of deck coverings will interrupt the flow or lines of your home’s existing roof.

Consult the Pros at Big Foot Decks

If you are considering a new deck or thinking about deck coverings for your existing deck, consult the pros at Bigfoot Decks & More. We have the experience and expertise to create beautiful patios and other enjoyable outdoor living spaces. We can also help if you need a deck replacement because your existing deck is damaged or falling apart.