Is it Time to Replace My Deck?

A deck creates a wonderful outdoor living space for relaxing, entertaining, and more. If your deck is in good shape, it will also increase your property value. However, since it’s outside, your deck is exposed to the elements: rain, sleet, snow, sun, and more. Over time, your deck will wear out and you’ll need to replace it.

If you are located in or near Colorado Springs and need a deck replacement, contact the professionals at Bigfoot Decks & More. We have the experience and expertise to create outdoor spaces that you can enjoy! In this article, we’ll explain when it may be time to replace your deck.

6 Signs You Should Consider Deck Replacement

If your deck frame is built from wood, even a pressure treated wood, no matter how well your it is built, it will wear out over the years. From our experience we start to see signs of replacement within 17-25 years. But there are exceptions both ways. Here are 6 signs that you should consider for a deck replacement.

Surface shows wear

First of all, when assessing the condition of your deck, you’ll want to consider the material it is built of. For example, a composite deck will show wear in different ways than a real wood deck.

The most common sign of wear on a composite or vinyl deck is fading. Even some composite decks will start to decompose over time. However, for a real wood deck, the most common signs are warping and insect damage. But even some composite decks will start to decompose over time. The extent of the damage will help determine if a repair is appropriate or if a full replacement is required.

Posts show rot

Start by checking the base of the posts that hold your deck up. If you notice any water damage or rot, these posts need to be replaced.

While it’s possible to replace a couple of posts without a full deck replacement, if most or all of the posts show rot or there is rot in other areas, there is most likely rot in areas unseen.

Joists appear damaged

The joists are an integral part of the deck’s structure- they keep your deck stable. If the joists show rot or are soft, you’ll want to consider a full replacement. Also, damaged joists may be an indication of issues other than age, such as pests and water damage. The professionals at Bigfoot Decks & More can help you further determine the extent of your issues.

Railings are not steady

When congregating in outdoor spaces, most people gather near railings. Therefore, railings should be checked often for rot as well as water or insect damage. If the railings are the only area that is showing damage, you may be able to replace only them.

Ledger board is pulling away from the house

The ledger board is what attaches your deck to your house. If it is pulling away, you most likely need a full deck replacement. An unstable ledger board could cause the deck to collapse in heavy rain or snow.

Consider the age of your deck

If your deck is older than 20 years and you are noticing some of these attributes when examining your deck. You may want to consider scheduling a professional consultation. The longer you have your deck, the more it is exposed to the elements, which can impact its condition and safety.

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If you have a deck on your Colorado Springs home, consider scheduling an inspection with the pros at Bigfoot Decks & More. We offer custom deck builds for your outdoor living spaces as well as deck replacement. We even build with galvanized steel which could increase the life of your new deck by over 50 years! You can contact us with your information on our website to expedite the process and here more about how much your project could cost. We have financing available to help make your project costs more manageable as well!