Low Maintenance Decks

Creating an outdoor living space is one of the most exciting home improvement projects for a homeowner who loves the outdoors. This project will not only add aesthetic appeal to your home but will also increase the value of your property.

The weather in Colorado Springs can vary greatly, making choosing the right deck material critical. After all, the right material will ensure longevity and ease of maintenance.

Low-maintenance decks have become increasingly popular, providing homeowners with a durable, attractive, hassle-free outdoor space. In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about low-maintenance decks from Bigfoot Decks in Colorado Springs.

Materials: Composite Vs. PVC

Two of the most popular materials used for low-maintenance decks are composite and PVC.


Composite decking is made from a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibers, which creates a durable, weather-resistant material. This material mimics the appearance of natural wood, without the upkeep. Composite decking resists mold, insect damage, and rot, which makes it an ideal option for the diverse climate of Colorado Springs. In addition, composite doesn’t require sealing, staining, or painting.


Polyvinyl chloride, more commonly referred to as PVC, is a synthetic plastic polymer. It contains no organic material, which makes it completely resistant to insect damage, mold, and mildew. PVC is available in a variety of colors and textures and is highly durable and scratch-resistant. While the upfront cost is higher, the long-term savings on care and maintenance make it cost-effective.

Top 5 Benefits of Low Maintenance Decks

There are several benefits associated with low maintenance decking materials, including:

Durability: Both options are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Colorado Springs. Temperatures range from freezing during the winter months to scorching during the summer months. A low-maintenance deck can withstand these conditions better than traditional wood, which often warps, cracks, and fades over time.

Aesthetic Appeal: Low-maintenance decking materials are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. This allows homeowners to achieve the look they desire. Whether you want a more traditional appearance or a modern one, we have what you need.

Cost-Effective Over Time: The initial cost of a low-maintenance deck is higher than traditional wood. However, the long-term savings on care and maintenance make it worth the investment. You won’t have to spend extra money on staining, sealing, or replacing damaged boards.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning and maintaining a low-maintenance deck is simple. All you need to do is wash it periodically with soap and water to keep it looking its best. Unlike wood, there’s no concern about mold and mildew, or splinters.

Eco-Friendly Options: Most composite decking is made from recycled materials, which makes it an environmentally-friendly option. Composite decking allows you to enjoy a beautiful outdoor living space while contributing to sustainability.

Installation Considerations with Low-Maintenance Decks

If you are considering installing a low-maintenance deck, there are  few factors you should consider:

Professional Installation

The best way to ensure that your deck is installed properly and safely is to hire a professional contractor. The professionals at Bigfoot Decks in Colorado Springs have the experience and expertise you’re looking for to handle any challenges that arise during installation.

Proper Support & Ventilation

Proper support and ventilation are critical for preventing the buildup of moisture and ensuring the longevity of your deck. Make sure that your deck is designed with adequate spacing between the boards and proper airflow underneath.


Most low-maintenance decking materials come with extensive warranties. These warranties provide homeowners with peace of mind that their deck is protected against defects and performance issues.

Let Bigfoot Decks Help with Your Low Maintenance Deck

For homeowners in Colorado Springs, a low-maintenance deck provides the ideal combination of beauty, durability, and ease of care. Composite or PVC decking allows you to enjoy a stunning outdoor space without the constant care and maintenance required for traditional wood decks. Whether you want to increase your home’s value, create a comfortable outdoor living space, or reduce your maintenance costs, a low-maintenance deck is the smart, stylish solution.

The professionals at Bigfoot Decks are here to provide you with expert advice and professional installation. We will discuss your needs and expectations to help you create the perfect outdoor oasis. We have many years of experience and commitment to offering quality products and service. We can ensure that your deck will be a long-lasting, beautiful addition to your home.