The Best Time of Year to Install a New Deck

Most homeowners don’t give it much thought, but when it comes to home improvement projects, timing is everything. After all, timing can affect the cost and availability of materials, contractor demand, and more. Many people believe that since spring and summer are the ideal seasons to enjoy outdoor spaces, this is the time to install a new deck.

However, according to some experts, the best time of year for a new deck may be the fall or winter months. Since the weather is cooler, demand for contractors is not as high and material costs may also be lower.

Bigfoot Decks in Colorado Springs has the experience and expertise to install a variety of outdoor living spaces. Below are the top 5 reasons to build your deck in the fall or winter.

Top 5 Reasons to Build an Outdoor Living Space in the Fall or Winter

Many people choose to start construction on their outdoor spaces during the spring and summer months. While there are some obvious advantages to this, there are also some disadvantages. The best time to begin construction is during the off-peak months, which means fall or winter.

You’ll Beat the Rush

The best custom decks are those that are planned and scheduled ahead of time. After all, it can take several weeks to get the proper permits in place. However, there are usually no major delays in off-peak times.

Additionally, it will be a lot easier to get the materials you need and demand for contractors is much lower, so it’s easier to find a qualified deck contractor.

You’ll Save Money

When demand is high, materials and labor are in short supply and cost more. However, when you choose to build your deck during the off-peak season, you’ll save money because this is typically a slower time for deck replacements and builds. Therefore, many contractors offer incentives.

You’ll Have Less Impact on the Landscaping

Even if you are not including landscaping in your outdoor living space, the build itself may create hazards and messes that can damage your lawn. Therefore, it makes sense to wait until the aesthetics of your lawn are not a high priority. On the other hand, you may want to include some landscaping aspects in your design. When you build your deck in the fall or winter, your planter spaces will be ready for spring planting.

You Can Take Advantage of Cooler Temps and Nicer Weather

Rain is prevalent in most areas during the spring months and the summer temps are usually high. These conditions are not conducive to building patios and other outdoor living spaces. The fall and winter months are usually drier and cooler, making working outdoors much more enjoyable.

You Can Enjoy Your Deck Right Away

The time it takes to build your deck will depend on the size and complexity, as well as the skill of your contractor. However, most standard projects can be completed in about a week, while more complex ones may take up to a month. Therefore, if you wait until the summer season to start your build, you won’t be able to fully enjoy it until the following season- but if you build in the fall or winter, you’ll have the entire spring and summer ahead of you to enjoy it.

Trust Your Outdoor Space Build to the Experts

When you decide that you want to build an outdoor living space or you are interested in deck replacement, trust your build to the experts. Bigfoot Decks in Colorado Springs has been in business for 4 generations. We have the experience and expertise to create beautiful custom decks that can be enjoyed for years to come.