Utilizing the area under your deck

Most homeowners lack the skills necessary to construct a deck or patio in their yard, and then provide easy access to it by installing an access door in the room adjacent to the new deck. That’s where Bigfoot Decks comes in. As a premier builder of custom decks and patios, Bigfoot Decks has all the experience and expertise needed to install the perfect deck at your home in Colorado Springs. Another great thing about installing a deck on your property is that it will give you all kinds of new storage space in the area directly beneath the deck itself. This is a great place to stow away your garden equipment, lawn mowers, and all other landscaping equipment you might need to keep your property looking its best.

Updating your deck 

If your deck was installed when your house was first built, you may be due for an upgrade. Perhaps the deck area is too small, or perhaps it was not originally built with weatherproof materials. In any case, if you see signs that your deck is wearing down and might need a significant upgrade to make it watertight, you should seriously consider updating your deck. Check the railings on your deck to make sure they’re still sturdy and safe for use – many times, wooden railings get damaged by exposure to wind, rain, and other weather elements, and this makes them unsafe for regular usage.

Another really important thing to check is the joists underneath the deck – they support the main beam that connects the deck to your home, and if any of these are damaged, it will probably cause a domino effect of problems with the deck. Lastly, check the individual boards making up the floor of your deck, because these are constantly exposed to the worst elements of weather. They may just need to be re-sealed or re-stained, but if you notice that any of the boards have started to rot from exposure, a deck update is probably necessary so you can have safe flooring again.

There are other reasons to update your deck as well. Perhaps you’ve been in your current residence a while and you’re starting to run out of storage space. You can put a great many things under the deck, and if you waterproof the deck, you can be sure that no harm will ever come to your stored items. You can even install a hot tub under the deck for those days when a soothing muscle massage by warm-water jets would feel awesome. You can also store all your barbecue or outdoor cooking equipment, as well as gardening tools. Once the space is created, it can become host to hundreds of storage ideas.

Looking to install a new deck?

If you happen to live anywhere near Colorado Springs, CO, and are considering a deck replacement, the company you should contact first is Bigfoot Decks, one of the premier builder of custom decks in the state of Colorado. When you have your new deck installed, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the outdoor spaces on your property, and you can enjoy all the benefits of outdoor living. We also install new patios and provide deck coverings for our clients, so we are a one-stop shop for outdoor structures. Call us today to request a quote online, and if you’re ready to proceed, we have financing available so you won’t be stopped by a shortage of cash.